• Teach a Man to Fish

    Teach a man to fish & I feed him for life

    ... and his family

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  • Teach a man to build and I house a family for life

    Teach a man to build & I house a family for life

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  • I make a world of difference

    Teach 100 people to trade & I make a world of difference!





B'ginnings is an anti-poverty social venture creating business incubation centres in developing countries assisted by corporate social responsibility (CSR) programs, business mentors and philanthropy.



Opportunities for Business Mentors

  • Expand your horizons while giving a little back to the world
  • Help develop an emerging economy entrepreneur
  • Contribute your experience & advanced business skills
  • Work from home or the office

Opportunities for Corporates

  • Strengthen your brand while growing entrepreneurs in developing nations
  • Add value to your stakeholder perceptions
  • Share in great, solid Public Relations
  • Retain & attract top talent

Foundation Partner Opportunities NOW AVAILABLE!

Want to make a world of difference to your Corporate Social Responsibility program?  Want to show the world how you support the poorest countries in the world help themselves out of poverty?  Then join us as a Foundation Partner and show your leadership for life.

Foundation Partner



Our Vision

To create a world of difference for Entrepreneurs in Developing Communities, by linking them to a wealth of knowledge & opportunity with the world's Corporate Leaders