Our Founders

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    Founders, new, Australian

    Mark Phillips

    Trained as a Chartered Accountant part of Mark’s inspiration for Bginnings  goes back to his athletic days at the Australian Institute of Sport where he saw how cultivating elite athletes had a positive influence on the wider sporting community. Gaining leverage by working with partners was fundamental to his work with major IT companies Apple and Microsoft. Mark has also created his own international award-winning travel company MudMaps and an industry association before working with Graham at a start-up business supplying business improvement knowledge. Mark has travelled extensively and worked in the start-up industry with various Angel Investor groups and Business Incubators over the past few years.


    Graham Perry

    A Graduate in Hotel, Catering and Tourism Management, Graham's extensive experience has been gained working in USA and Canada, Europe, Middle East and Africa, Asia and Australia. This has provided a unique perspective of the different cultures, values and ways of doing business around the world. Graham specialises in multiple stakeholder management and strategic partnerships. Other areas of expertise include branding, media, distribution and management of multi-site businesses across the Lifestyle sector. Having worked for large MNC corporate enterprises, non-profit organisations,
    Industry Associations and start-ups including his own business Graham is passionate about sharing his knowledge and making a real difference to business & entrepreneurs.