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    Poverty is essentially about the lack of money. It is massively debilitating, because if people don’t have the ability to work or generate income for themselves and their families, it can become a lifelong inhibitor even passing from generation to generation.

    Bginnings is about converting ‘Lifelong Poverty into ‘Sustainable Prosperity’ by helping talented entrepreneurs to identify and then work ‘towards’ something of value. This will remove them and their families from poverty, for good.



    Bginnings  supports the notion of entrepreneurs ‘working hard to improve themselves’ and trading knowledge for mutual gain. It’s about working hard to improving themselves. This gains higher salaries and better positions as milestones of success are achieved.



    Bginnings supports the progress towards the United Nations Millennium Development Goals through its work in helping generate income, employment and GDP for areas in extreme poverty.



    Bginnings is different from other business incubation programs. While some business incubation is undertaken Bginnings is more focused on creating innovative businesses with the potential to:

    • add greater value than traditional businesses
    • be export orientated to help generate new money into a developing region’s economy -
    • appeal to a wider international audience as well as domestic and local customers
    • inspire other indigenous entrepreneurs to have a go
    • diversify the skill base and generate an abundance of new skills for the region


    Many existing business development programs are about teaching skills to under-skilled people to help them gain employment or become self-employed in their region. Bginnings takes a difference approach. We help create entrepreneurs who can generate employment and opportunities for others in their community. We create great indigenous human capital that will have a broader and greater impact on the economic viability of the region. Whilst impacting fewer individuals this strategy has a greater and longer lasting impact on an impoverished nation than by targeting individuals whose aspirations are for self employment only. We teach them the business skills to adapt as required and to feed their families regardless of the economic environment.



    Bginnings is not affiliated with any church or religious organisation, nor are we associated with any particular religion. Similarly we are not a political party, political movement or associated with any particular political persuasion. However we are open to working on projects with reputable religious and political institutions that share our values and refrain from using the projects to market their religious or political beliefs.



    Despite our charitable and philanthropic actions Bginnings is not itself a charity. We are not seeking gifts or handouts; rather we are helping people work for their own rewards and to leverage our commercial experience to improve themselves. At the same time charity work is an important part of Bginnings . We are active supporters of various charities and encourage (and require some) network members to contribute to charities as part of our programs.

    While charities, NGOs, governments and the UN all play a part in developing regions they tend to focus on affecting large groups of people and lifting the overall standards for everyone from the bottom up. This has a tendency to take a long time. A number of these institutions also have a big emphasis on tactical, everyday existence problems like food, water and sanitation. Whilst these activities are essential and vital for emergency situations they do little to inspire and create long term sustainable human capital assets or money-generating ventures for the region. Bginnings on the other hand is committed to this new human capital approach because entrepreneurs represent the core assets that will underpin a region’s economic future and allow it to become self-sufficient.
    Industry Associations and start-ups including his own business Graham is passionate about sharing his knowledge and making a real difference to business & entrepreneurs.



    The networks of Bginnings Members who support our programs do so because they share in our philosophy ‘to give back and to help make a real difference to others around the world ’. Each of them is absolutely committed to providing B’GINNINGS and our entrepreneurs with the same level of energy and highly trained business skills as they commit in their everyday business lives – but they do not expect to receive the same level of financial rewards.

    Experience has shown us that there are many kind and generous people around the world, including those who are volunteers, sit on committees or contribute to charities all the time. But too often these good people find themselves in positions where they are viewed as irreplaceable and unable to wind back their support easily.

    In view of this, Bginnings believes that the efforts of its Members should be recognised in public ways. Bginnings also believes that we should not overburden their good will and to support this philosophy each engagement of a Bginnings Member has a routine conclusion point without automatic renewal. .