About Us


Bginnings is growing entrepreneurs in developing countries, helping to remove them from the poverty cycle & encouraging them to inspire a new generation of can-doers to trade their own way into prosperity!

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An old Chinese proverb says teach a man to fish and you feed him for life


Bginnings is a private social venture network helping the world’s poorest regions to become economically independent by leveraging the power of the business world.

The network was founded in 2011 by two Australian businesspeople, Mark Phillips and Graham Perry, with the help of a number of socially conscious successful business executives.

Having enjoyed success in the western business world as corporate executives and entrepreneurs Mark & Graham decided it was time to get serious about ‘giving something back’ to the world. Not just handing out a cash donation and hoping it goes to somewhere good. Not just volunteering on a local committee or to build a school building. But doing something significant. Something that will create long lasting value.

So they have focused on helping rid the world of poverty in a very direct way. By identifying and then helping those in the developing world that stand the best chance of making a significant positive contribution to business in their region - future entrepreneurs.

These are people who can learn to feed themselves, their families, their employees and inspire their business communities for long term gain.

Without entrepreneurs it’s hard to generate and then sustain growth, employment or wealth. It stands to reason that the better the entrepreneurs, the better a region’s future prosperity.

The world over, people are learning how to improve themselves and stand out from the crowd. It is almost a religion in the west for up and coming business executives to network with more successful, better connected and higher skilled business people.

Unfortunately in developing countries there isn’t a latent supply of successful business leaders to learn from or model business skills against. So Bginnings is helping bridge that gap by channeling superior business expertise from the Developed to the Developing World to create a new generation of skilled wealth creators.


‘To create a world of difference to Entrepreneurs in Developing Communities, by linking them to a wealth of Knowledge and Opportunity with our Corporate Leaders’